Our Technical Partner

Introduction to BETCO Chemicals:

BETCO was founded in 1950 by Carl and Ann Betz of Toledo, Ohio.

Betco has grown exponentially year after year, and offers wide range of chemical and equipment solutions, comprehensive market programs and industry-leading training resources.

Betco’s mission is to create cleaning innovations that matter for healthier environments, is based on improving the way facilities approach their cleaning and maintenance programs. This can only be accomplished by:

Sustainable Solutions : Environmental responsibility is a standard of business at Betco®. Green Earth® branded product line, Smart Restroom System, Stealth® Technology, Scuff Resistant Technology™ (SRT), Neutral Peroxide Cleaners, BioActive Solutions™

Operational Excellence : Significant investments in state-of-the-art computerized manufacturing and robotic packing systems are all monitored by the best-trained team members in the industry

Cloud Based Solutions : The full iBet Facility Resources Suite is a comprehensive solution that truly enriches the businesses beyond what the competition can offer. Made up of six programs, iBet allows organizations to critically assess their current cleaning and maintenance programs while offering a detailed plan for cost-reduction and training reinforcement.